Sep 24, 2020
Patricia Peñalver
Key Account Manager
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Today, consumers have more information about brands. They’re more demanding and less loyal making the role of the brand manager fundamental for today’s business environment.

Your firm. Your business. Your product. In our globalized world, you know that your company nor your business or product belongs to you. You can be the ideator, founder, owner, CEO of your company. Call it what you want, but nor more than ever, the connection with your target audience and transmitting an impeccable brand image with values to match is fundamental. There’s an instrumental figure in your csgo平台在线 department, the brand manager. This strategist manages to differentiate your brand and turn it into the option that’s in users’ top-of-mind ahead of the competition.


What is a brand manager?

The brand manager is in charge of managing a brand’s image in the market while carrying out tactics to successfully communicate the brand’s mission, vision, and values to their target audience.  

There are multiple requirements and functions for a brand manager role , and they have a basis in csgo平台在线 strategies that create renown, awareness, and knowledge from a positive perspective. A brand csgo平台在线 manager must have their finger on the pulse of an organization’s values and what they represent, and be able to analyze, act quickly in the wake of crises, and the ability to work and observe to identify consumers’ present or future needs and adapting to them. So, what does a brand manager do? The answer is anything needed for a brand to have the best image possible. 

It’s a necessary task because all of us can contribute to making a company rise, or as harsh as it sounds, fall. We all have weapons of mass destruction in terms of communication. All it takes is a well-structured treat, a comment on a blog post, or any social media mention for our online reputation to plummet or rise. 

How to find a manager for your brand brand identity

The key to a solid foundation for our company is to develop a branding strategy that makes us stand out from the rest. Branding specialist Tom Peters notes that the elements that make up an organization’s branding are value, credibility, and brand sentiment. That’s because it also involves brand management to reach your audience through emotions, experiences, and feelings. 

If you think about your day-to-day, you’ll see the immense amount of messaging coming to you on social media and other media outlets in various formats. So, why do we (nearly) always end up drinking the same soda, buy (or want to buy) products from the same brand, etc.? That’s because the brands have told us stories we fell for and are part of ourselves. We turned into brand ambassadors without paying a penny for it, and they’ve fostered an emotional bond with us. All these components are a firm’s branding.

How to be a successful brand manager

Are you curious about how to become a great brand manager? Here are some of the tasks that a good brand manager must carry out to ensure optimal brand management:  


Research the market and your competitors’ positioning 

You have to know who you are, where you are, and where you want to go before you move forward. Who your audience is and who you want to impact. What you offer makes you stand out from the rest of your peers in the industry, why they should choose you, and what message you want to transmit. 


Know your audience

Define who your audience is while knowing what they’re looking for and in what way. We need reasons to buy and use products , and we like to feel like we’re part of something. Build your buyer persona , whether it’s one or multiple, and use them as your focus for every csgo平台在线 tactic you carry out. That’s how you’ll manage to directly satisfy customers’ needs while fostering a more human relationship between your audience and brand.


Define your goals

Do you only want to sell? As a brand csgo平台在线 manager, you must know the short- and long-term benefits that will make your audience loyal and bring future customers and evangelists into the fold to get your brand sold more quickly with less spending. That means you must specify your strategy.


Sell what you are: no more, no less 

Don’t launch yourself on the market with promises you can’t keep. Ensuring your messaging is valid and reliable is as essential as managing to emotionally bond with your audience . After all, nobody likes to feel cheated or fooled. Independent Brand Strategy and Experience Consultant Kari Blanchard (formerly of FutureBrand in New York and San Francisco) notes that “[w]hen you’ve already nailed attributes like trustworthiness and reliability–things that are essential to the business but don’t exactly make you fall in love with a brand–that’s where thinking of your customer as a person and not just a number becomes crucial.” The importance of your brand will grow from this point-of-view.


5 keys to successful brand management

You need to mix a set of ingredients and a little bit of love to make sure your corporate branding strategy is a success. 

  1. Uniqueness 

Bring something different to the market. You can do it through quality content founded on your unique value proposition. This approach lets you cultivate a competitive advantage while ensuring brand coherence. 

Best branding ideas

Source:  Tes blendspace

  1. Passion 

There should be a love story between your brand and the customer. It shouldn’t be a brief, passionate chronicle but instead a lasting, mature relationship. To get this, you must woo your audience, attract it, and make it fall in love. That way, it’s much easier for them to come across your platforms.

You’ll have to work hard for it every day, be creative, not to bore yourself, and get excited. Remember this every day.


  1. Coherence

Set your goals, limits, and challenges. Don’t change because your audience will be loyal if you’re loyal to them. Your values make you different. If you’re not coherent with them, do you expect the same from your customers? 

An example of this is Nike ’s 2018 campaign to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the iconic “Just do it” slogan. They had Colin Kaepernick as the star and brand ambassador, under the “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” 


The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback found himself mired in controversy for his protests against police brutality against the Black community in the United States. The fact that Nike chose him as brand ambassador incited a boycott movement on social media (using the #NikeBoycott hashtag) among those who believed Nike was unpatriotic for choosing someone critical of racism in the United States. 

Even with the company’s stock value going down by three percent in the first few days, branding experts and analysts believe that the campaign proved successful because it positioned Nike as a brand committed to its values that took risks without fear of the consequences. The brand revived the brand while giving it new relevance. 


  1. Visibility

The Internet means you don’t need a huge ad budget to reach your target. The Internet and social media let you get any customer through virtual means if you adopt the right strategy. Use channels to your advantage to reach your consumer and gain recognition as a distinctive brand with success. 


  1. Leadership

Stay alert and grow and learn continuously. The market isn’t static, and you (and your brand) can’t be either. Go a step ahead of your consumers and serve them with what they need before they realize it. They’ll thank you with their loyalty and will position you as a market leader. Fundamentally, you reach potential customers, and they see you as unique, memorable, and different to satisfy their needs or solve their problems while being a referential part of the industry. You’ll need to interact with them at all times and not based on the campaigns you can launch. 

If you consider these measures, your brand strategy will let you reach your customers with a clear message that motivates them to purchase your product or contract your service. It will also connect them with your brand values to reinforce your corporate identity and stand out from your competitors.


Branding is not deploying a csgo平台在线 campaign with a start and end date. Branding requires constant dedication to bear the desired fruit, and the brand manager must deeply commit to it. 

In his book, Brandoffon. El branding del futuro , one of the best branding specialists in Spain and Latin America, Andy Stalman, declared that “Great brands create the future instead of predicting it.” Do you want to be a great brand too? 


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