Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP)
Nov 13, 2018
Inma López
CRM & Marketing Automation
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Salesforce DMP lets you enrich the information you have about your audience by mixing your data with data from other brands, giving you the power to personalize and optimize your campaigns increasing the likelihood they’ll convert.

Since the beginning of time, csgo平台在线 teams have had one objective: to sell their products. Traditional advertising used to be their primary tool, but today, in an era where the number of channels has multiplied at the same time as adblockers, marketers now find themselves looking for new techniques to create relevant campaigns that impact their potential customers. How can they do that, you ask? They can by using tools that use data and Artificial Intelligence to help them get to know their customers better, like Salesforce DMP .

What is Salesforce DMP?

Salesforce DMP is a data management platform that compiles information from its own and external sources to create detailed user profiles. This ability lets csgo平台在线 teams create very distinct segments to develop csgo平台在线 campaigns that better adapt to their target's needs or interests. All this makes it much easier to get their attention and achieve the ultimate goal: sell a product or service.

Salesforce Data Management Platform

In layman's terms, Salesforce DMP can manage a large volume of data from its sources as well as partners that use the same tool and complete the information about our users that we have our disposal more deeply than similar programs.

Salesforce DMP’s ability to let us amplify the information we have about our users gives us the ability to perform actions such as:

  • Derive insights to create campaigns more closely-related to their interests.  
  • Predict with what audiences a specific advertising format will perform best.
  • Decide how to distribute resources across the different channels we have available.  

It's important to point out that Salesforce DMP is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, where other Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and AppExchange Marketplace seamlessly integrate within the ecosystem.

Where does the second-party data in Salesforce DMP come from?

We previously mentioned that Salesforce DMP’s primary characteristic is that it processes anonymous data from other sources (besides its own) and unites them to complete the information we already have. But, where does it come from?

Salesforce has its second-party data marketplace called Data Studio that currently operates in the US, Canada, and EMEA. Data Studio grants us access to a data market that companies using Salesforce share. This data is segmented based on topics, and we can acquire others' data by conducting a simple search based on interests.

Essentially, Salesforce clients who choose to do so can sell the data they acquire from their channels on the marketplace so that others can use them. This model allows first-party data to turn into other firms' second-party data. You then only have to take them to Salesforce DMP and let them combine with your proprietary information to derive your conclusions.

It's important to emphasize that all data is anonymous and the only data that gets shared comes from trusted partners; they can also decide who can have access to them and who cannot.  

Data Studio allows you to:

  • Create audiences with rich, optimized data using information from other sources.
  • Monetize your audiences.
  • Protect your information by giving you the ability to decide with whom you want to share it.

Take it to the next level with Einstein for Salesforce DMP

Salesforce DMP Einstein Segmentation is another added functionality to Salesforce DMP that applies machine learning to discover the different buyer personas within an audience.

Einstein AI allows you to determine what people better define a brand’s audiences, letting firms personalize their csgo平台在线 campaigns and reach the key people with the messaging that’s just right for them.

This technology uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to process the data by applying automated learning to eliminate, for example, the biases that can exist in algorithms.

As you can see, there are tools like Salesforce DMP that let you amplify the information you have about your audience to get to know them better and optimize your campaigns. Thanks to technology, you’ll be able to personalize the messages you’ll use to impact your users and multiply your chances of converting. Interesting, right?

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