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May 05, 2022
Natalia Bergareche
Head of Corporate Marketing
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Company doubles its workforce to 300 people in Spain alone. As a result of the acquisition, Wam Global will reach a consolidated net income of 16 million euros in 2022 and an EBITDA of 2.2 million.

Wam Global , a leading digital transformation consultancy, announces the acquisition of Interactiv4 and BlackBird , specialists in eCommerce solutions and Salesforce adoption and implementation, to consolidate itself as the leader in eCommerce solutions in Spain. Following the operation, Wam Global will reach a consolidated net income of 16 million euros in 2022 and an EBITA of 2.2 million euros.

This announcement means Wam Global doubles its workforce, bringing together more than 300 professionals in Spain alone, and will register an average annual business growth between 30% and 35% over the next five years. The company also fulfills the strategic objective of spearheading a global project that promotes the production of customized eCommerce solutions and reinforces its presence in strategic regions such as Catalonia, thanks to Blackbird’s regional influence. In addition, Wam Global also consolidates its presence in Spain as a launchpad for the other 12 countries in which it operates. 

In the words of Wam Global CEO Giorgio Ascolese, “integrating Interactiv4 and Blackbird into our lines of business positions us as leaders among independent consultants in Spain. On the one hand, because of the unquestionable talent of our team, leading experts in their respective fields and geographical regions, and on the other, the scope of services that we can offer to our clients to further accompany them in their comprehensive digital transformation processes.”

True experts in eCommerce at a national and international level

Interactiv4 is the undisputed leader of Adobe Magento eCommerce technology in Spain, according to the Adobe partner portal . The company has solid knowledge of eCommerce and has developed its own unique solutions to adapt Adobe Magento technology and generate scalable online stores.

In addition, Interactiv4 was recently certified in Salesforce Commerce Cloud which means they can now offer a global joint proposal in the Salesforce ecosystem that few partners can provide. Their clients include Bimani, Cepsa, Henry Schein, Mahou San Miguel, Parques Reunidos, Vocento, and WowTech Group, among others.

A Salesforce specialist in Barcelona

BlackBird, a partner of CBU (Commercial Business Unit) and Midmarket, is a consulting firm specializing in customer service solutions. With over five years of experience, the company has worked with leading businesses such as AECOC (Spanish Association of Commercial Codification), Consortium of the Barcelona Free Zone, Glovo, Kosmos, Lindt, and TravelPerk, among others.

Having played a pivotal role in several projects in Barcelona, BlackBird has become one of the fastest-growing Salesforce partners in the Catalan capital, a significant strength which allows Wam Global to offer expanded services to customers in the region.

Positioning among large consultants and boutique services

With these two acquisitions, Wam Global now assumes a significant role in a growing market to offer end-to-end solutions for Digital Customer Experience and Digital Transformation. "This positioning reinforces our commitment and vocation to become the leading independent digital consultancy in Spain," says Ascolese.

For Ignacio Riesco, CEO of Interactiv4, "after this operation, the company will use the global network of Wam Global to jointly provide our services to clients in Spain and offer a holistic vision of digital transformation for our international clients.

Hernán Lizondo and Enric Mora, Co-Founders of Blackbird, emphasize that "being part of Wam Global allows us to strengthen the group with our knowledge and professional relationships in the Mediterranean region, another stepping stone for company internationalization.

Training Academy

Within its expansion plan and its commitment to fostering talent, Wam Global has recently launched a training program for young professionals who want to develop their skills in Salesforce and eCommerce. This corporate academy will offer 60 scholarships in 2022 to strengthen the market of technological innovation and will offer permanent positions at their Barcelona office to over half of all participants.

Wam Global is now Interactiv4, Leadclic and We are csgo平台在线

The operation was supervised by Deloitte Financial Advisory and Anderson Consulting. It is the third acquisition the group has done in three years, with the integration of the consulting firm Leadclic, a leader in digital transformation through Salesforce technology, in 2019 to their founding company, We Are Marketing. 

These integrations consolidate a global strategy geared toward providing end-to-end offerings that can support any digital transformation project, from Digital Marketing and eCommerce solutions to the implementation of Salesforce technology.

wam global

About Wam Global

Wam Global is a digital strategy consultancy focused on creating scalable projects that have a direct and tangible impact on the growth of its clients' businesses. Wam Global's international network allows them to support brands seeking expansion and development, delivering excellent execution and management capacity from a 360º service perspective.

The original company, We are csgo平台在线, was founded in 2014 by Giorgio Ascolese and integrated with LeadClic in 2019, a technology consultancy specializing in Salesforce multi-cloud solutions for digital transformation. In 2021, the group took a step further with its business expansion to acquire Blackbird, the twin brother of LeadClic in Barcelona, and Interactiv4, a leading national and international eCommerce company and Adobe Gold Solution partner specializing in Magento.

The group counts on a wide portfolio of clients and a range of industries, including banking and finance, insurance, tourism and hospitality, real estate, pharmacy, retail, and professional services. With more than 300 professionals, it operates in 13 countries spread over five continents, both from its own and operated offices in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Miami, and Dubai, as well as those of its associates (Bogotá, Quito, DF, Shanghai, NY). , Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Melbourne, Cape Town, and Johannesburg).

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