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Dec 13, 2017
Gianluca Fiorelli
Main SEO & Digital Strategy Consultant
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Google monopolises between 90% and 95% of the searches that are carried out on the Internet. Here are the trends for this year in geolocation and what factors to take into account when defining your strategy in local SEO.

Geolocation is an online csgo平台在线 technique that many companies are using to position themselves strongly in search engine ranking and, in this way, reach their potential customers in an easier, faster and more personalised way. In addition, this technique allows them to offer content of interest to the users, specific to the place they are located.


It’s also important to know the best techniques in local SEO . Lindsay Wassel , CEO and Digital Marketing Consultant at Keyphraseology , notes in an interview with We Are Marketing that “the most important thing is to know what exact data is included in this type of searches. Today, there is a lot of information on the Internet and great presentations on YouTube about new trends in local SEO”.

Keyphraseology offers geolocation services to its clients, with the aim of optimising their ranking in search engines. Audit the customer’s website in order to verify their compliance with local SEO best practices and verify the accuracy of each with 10 or more local key information sources (such as Google+). This audit will establish the roadmap for the correction and optimisation of your customers’ websites.

Lindsay Wassel explains that, for example, when managing a Facebook company page, you need to monitor and interact with the data. “You can’t create an app and let it work alone”, says the expert. “For example, if someone goes to a restaurant that has a Facebook page, then they receive an email asking how their experience has been and whether they recommend that restaurant or not. This is a good technique”, explains Wassel.




The 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors study, conducted by Moz – a SEO consulting firm – explains the latest geolocation trends for this year and defines what the most important factors for investing in local SEO are, in order for companies to rank in the top positions in Google:


1. Google My Business


One of the best tools in SEO localisation is Google My Business . Thanks to it, customers can find you at any time and from anywhere. You can add photos of your products, as well as update your opening hours and contact information. In addition, you can include reviews and user ratings, with the goal of attracting more potential customers.

If your business has multiple locations, you must register for each location, that is, create a Google My Business account for each location.

According to Moz's study, “the companies with the most relevance in the realisation of their location will get higher percentages in the local searches. There is still much to gain from investing in local search strategies”.


2. Links


Links are another key factor to differentiate yourself in geolocation. Be sure to include the location of your business in keywords.


“Google continues to rely on links as a primary measure of the authority and prominence of a business. Local search professionals who invest the time and resources to ensure quality links for their customers are getting their rewards in the rankings”, notes Moz's study.


As for tools to position your links, one of the best in the market is Majestic SEO . Among the metrics of this tool, the one that stands out is AC Rank, Trust Flow and Citation Flow .


3. Website


Another formula to increase the visibility of your company (in addition to using keywords about your sector or business) is to show an embedded Google Maps of the city where your company is located.

Make sure you always use the same NAP (name, address and phone). For Google to consider your local business, you must have: a name, a physical address and a phone number (including the local area code). This embedded map should also include your Google+ business page.


4. Mentions


To be able to upload positions in geolocation, it is important to obtain mentions. That is where other websites quote your company: either through specific links to your website or simply mentioning the name, domain or address of your company .


One of the factors that takes into account the algorithm of Google are the reviews with a good rating (4 or 5 stars).


“More than 60% of searches are done through mobile phone. And mobile has geolocation tools, so all the searches that users perform are geolocalised. In short, Google has become local”, says Iñaki Tovar, CEO of Webpositer, specializing in SEO and conversion strategies.



Within your digital csgo平台在线 strategy, investing in local SEO will help you position yourself in the top positions of Google’s search ranking and excel above your competitors. Study in depth what other companies in your sector are doing and apply the best metrics in this area. Use the tactics we have suggested in this post and you are sure to achieve good results!

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