Marketing 360º
Nov 03, 2021
Natalia Bergareche
Head of Corporate Marketing
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We Are Marketing received the 2021 Best Digital Marketing Agency award at La Razón’s Technology and Innovation Awards. This recognition pushes us to keep moving in the right direction: the union of csgo平台在线 and technology to create complete client experiences in the digital transformation process.

We are celebrating at  We Are Marketing ! On October 27, the Fifth Edition of La Razón’s Technology and Innovation Awards were held at the Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower. These awards seek to recognize the work of companies and employees that, through technology, play a key role in the digital transformation of the business fabric and advance society. 

We won the 2021 Best Digital Marketing Agency award , which recognizes our efforts and dedication since 2014 and, above all, after the uncertainty that the pandemic created in our sector. 

In the words of Giorgio Ascolese , CEO of  WAM Global, this prize is "an endorsement that confirms that our business model and way of understanding personal and professional relationships is the right one . Our clients feel it. Our team feels it. And it is an honor to see that all this enthusiasm is recognized by an organization like La Razón.”

I had the honor of personally receiving the award at the ceremony , which was opened by Carlos Izquierdo Torres, the Local Administration and Digitization Chief of Madrid. The ceremony was closed by Francisco Marhuenda, president of La Razón.

The event was an opportunity to communicate our joy to the attendees, thank our clients for their confidence, and thank our team, especially after all the changes that the pandemic brought. We are very proud of how a project we started less than 10 years ago has gone so far ; we’ve stayed on the right path and become leaders of business innovation and technology.

awards 2021 La Razón


La Razón awards 2021

Innovation and Digital Transformation, Keys of We Are Marketing 

We Are Marketing, part of WAM Global, is a hybrid company that balances csgo平台在线 and technology. Our methodology focuses on taking advantage of our business knowledge and digital and technology expertise to offer satisfactory client experiences. At the same time, we identify new opportunities for growth from all sides. 

The need for digital transformation is obvious in many companies and we provide a unique 360º approach because each challenge is different. As a consultancy, we manage strategies, project design and development, and csgo平台在线 technology centered on income, using the best tools of the market. We analyze each project to propose personalized solutions and push growth to new levels.   

WAM Best Digital Marketing Agency 2021


Our Skills for Digital Transformation 

We Are Marketing’s experience in digital ecosystems has been key in achieving La Razón’s recognition, especially the innovation and technology award . Process automation in csgo平台在线, used to control ROI, is necessary to gain profits. 

Quoting Giorgio again: “we offer a service where csgo平台在线 and technology go hand in hand. We have tools that allow us to manage the traces linked to the processes of recruitment, campaigns, and their attribution model with the highest level of detail." After all, if we can’t measure the result of what we’re doing, it means nothing. 

At We Are Marketing, we are closely linked to the technological innovation process in companies . We focus on adapting ourselves to a changing environment that we want to understand, thinking about how to be competitive in the future. Integration operations between companies that are experts in very specific areas is a way of offering value to our clients; an example  is the union of We Are Marketing and  LeadClic in 2019 , when the companies joined together to form the WAM Global Group. 

Combining We Are Marketing’s knowledge of digital csgo平台在线 consultancy with LeadClic’s expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem is a bet on both the present and the future to better manage technological innovation and provide real value to our projects. This prize is just one more sign that we’re moving in the right direction. 

La Razón technology and innovation awards 2021


csgo|csgo比赛结果官方|csgo今日赛事 csgo|csgo比赛结果官方|csgo今日赛事
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