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Oct 17, 2019
Antoni Saurina
SEO & SEM Manager
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What should we be expecting to be among the SEO trends in 2020? Here’s the expert take from our two SEO experts: my colleague, Main SEO & Digital Strategy Consultant Gianluca Fiorelli and I.

SEO in 2020

SEO is one of csgo平台在线’s most exciting disciplines because it forces us to stay up-to-date and always update our strategies. Something that is of interest to us and our fellow practitioners is how to position ourselves better in 2020 . We touched on this at a recent Adigital event

And what makes SEO fun also makes it complicated. Since it always pushes us to stay on our toes with the latest updates and new features coming from Google, it also forces us to introduce changes and improvements continuously . You can quickly lose yourself in this process and not know what the next step is.  

SEO Trends for 2020

1. Featured snippets

A featured snippet is a piece of text Google shows as an answer to a specific question without the user having to click on the link

You’ve surely encountered plenty of these in your Google searches, but here’s an example: 

what is seo and how it works Google search

This type of search results poses a significant problem because they reduce the number of visits we can reach. Instead of seeing this is as an impediment, we can see this as a branding opportunity for our firm.

What can we do to show up in these types of searches? Besides being positioned in at least the top five of Google search results for a particular term, we’ll need to clearly and concisely answer very fundamental questions, use synonyms of the primary keyword, and maintain good structure within our content

2. Core Updates

Core Updates are general Google algorithm updates that, instead of impacting a specific area, have repercussions for the entire system. The main goal is to offer the best results for users’ searches. 

When releases an official update, it sometimes (not always) publishes it on its blog and gives a broad-stroke explanation of the changes. They generally leave us with a set of questions we should ask ourselves to find out if our site positively responds to the expected requirements. They tend to be questions related to user experience

When there’s a new update, I recommend we observe what’s happening inside our website. If it’s being affected, we’ll have to go to Google and answer its questions to pinpoint the problem we’re facing and try to solve it. 

3. E.A.T.

What is E.A.T. , and how does it impact ranking? E.A.T. is an acronym for expertise , authority , and credibility . This concept summarizes the three concepts of Google’s quality raters or the people in charge of analyzing and evaluating website content to position a website

E.A.T. is a method of indicating whether a website is good or not and what we should aspire to be. They aren’t the only factors taken into consideration, but they must always be present.

It’s also fundamental that we apply E.A.T. above all to webpages talking about money and medicine. They’re topics that Google worries about, and they want to make sure that inadequate context negatively impacts a user’s health or wallet.


4. Voice Search

Voice searches are another hot topic that's having an impact on our discipline. We must differentiate between searches and commands (when we ask Alexa to play a song, for example). The volume of searches is indeed so low that Google does not include it within the information it provides in its Search Console tool. Therefore, if it's not relevant to Google, we won't need to consider it for now. 

Over the next few months, we'll see how these trends in SEO will alter traditional SEO best practices. As always, you must check the SERPs to examine how it will impact your overall SEO strategy and what SERP features to include. Even if Google is still not seeing as many repercussions from voice search, it is worth working on optimizing your content for when voice search becomes a more significant portion of searches. What trend are you the most curious about implementing in your strategy? 

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