Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Sales
May 10, 2019
Natalia Bergareche
Head of Corporate Marketing
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Home > Artificial Intelligence for Marketing and Sales > Salesforce Basecamp Madrid 2019: WAM's First Event With LeadClic
We were at Salesforce’s Basecamp Madrid 2019 event in Madrid, an event for technology, innovation, and csgo平台在线 lovers. Want to know what happened? Don’t miss this recap.

Getting inspired, innovating, and exploring are the three objectives of Salesforce’s Basecamp Madrid , which held its eighth edition this year. On May 9th, more than 3,000 people gathered at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid to get to know all the latest updates from Salesforce to manage sales, csgo平台在线, and customer service first-hand. We, as Salesforce Partners , along with our partners at LeadClic, didn't want to miss out.

The event couldn’t have kicked off in any other way than with a keynote talk about the Trailblazers, the Salesforce user community that bets on technology and innovation, as well as pioneering a customer-centric business model. This was how we could see firms such as Repsol or Santander Consumer Finance come on stage to share their experiences with the tool.

And this is precisely how Salesforce's International COO, Arsenio Otero, put it: "This revolution puts people in the center of the action and in this context, we should ask ourselves a question: are we and our company transforming ourselves?” In the same way, Salesforce Spain and Portugal Director Enrique Polo wanted to reinforce this movement’s importance in his remarks: “we don’t anyone to get left out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution .”

A study from IDC about the Salesforce Economy reveals that both Salesforce and its customer ecosystem will generate more than 3.3 million new Jobs in 2022 and will be responsible for an earnings volume of more than 859 billion dollars. In Spain alone, they’ll create 13,000 direct and indirect positions and will have an impact on the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of 1.3 billion euros.

salesforce basecamp madrid

Nonetheless, as we could confirm at Salesforce Basecamp , this is not only a tool for creating business but an open door towards a new way of doing things where collaboration between departments, the information flow, and technology are critical. Santander Consumer Finance Director Nicolás Moya stated it like this in his speech: “we work in an environment that constantly transforms itself, and we have to be capable of guiding customers along in their process. We've moved from a B2B model to a B2B2C one where the end customer is the most important. To do so, we had to maintain direct conversations with our customers, and we could only do it with a platform like Salesforce.”

One thing's clear: the customer is everything. And in this new era, technology lets us create unique experiences that were once unfathomable: we can have personalized conversations, design connected or “effortless” shopping experts for the consumer, offer smart and proactive customer service on any channel, and satisfy their needs. Not only that, the data corroborates the importance of this change in strategy: 75% of customers hope to achieve a consistent experience across all channels.

Throughout Salesforce Basecamp we had the chance to get closer to all the functionalities Salesforce’s Clouds provides. We could see how with Einstein Analytics we can, through voice-recognition, ask business questions and get projections based on our historical data; or get real-time analysis of all our csgo平台在线 channels using Datorama.

WAM and LeadClic at Salesforce Basecamp Madrid as Platinum Partners

Follow our recent merger with LeadClic , a firm with a decade of experience in the Salesforce universe, we couldn't miss this important event, and we were in the partner area with a booth. The combination of LeadClic’s multi-cloud expertise and our 360° csgo平台在线 prowess turn us into a power player in the Digital Transformation we’re experiencing and allows us to offer end-to-end services . Together we’re turning into a leading independent firm , and we're able to provide new solutions to reach all customers looking to join the Fourth Industrial Revolution and lead the change.


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