Marketing 360º
Jul 23, 2020
Natasha Gingles
International Project Director
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For any firm looking to carry out B2B csgo平台在线, especially within an international digital csgo平台在线 context, many other challenges come with catering to their prospects and customers. It’s especially so in a niche industry like corporate services. So what are the fundamentals that lead to success for digital csgo平台在线 in international business? Read on.

Europe Emirates Group Dubai

If you’re looking to master digital csgo平台在线 in international business within B2B csgo平台在线, there is a unique set of criteria. With over 20 years of experience in the global Corporate Services industry, Europe Emirates Group has been tackling this as it has embraced a 360° digital csgo平台在线 approach for its B2B business. What lessons can they bring to your B2B digital csgo平台在线 strategy? We sat down their CEO, Adrian Oton , to get his perspective. 

WAM: What challenges does Europe Emirates Group face in publicizing its business?  

Adrian Oton : The business that we’re in, although it’s very concrete and very defined, finds an issue in the fact that people frequently don’t understand what they need when they come to us . Where they tend to find obstacles is that there’s no one size fits all approach. That is the foremost hurdle when we’re csgo平台在线, as many people don’t understand the business that we’re in and the services we provide and come to us completely confused. 

What that brings to the table is that even if we have a fantastic csgo平台在线 plan, we will always attract people who do not align with the demographic that would onboard with Europe Emirates Group


WAM: What strategies and channels are you employing to reach your target audience? 

AO: Throughout our 20-year history, we have used various channels and strategies to reach our target audience.

Currently, we are implementing a 360º strategy with the help of We Are Marketing, which means we are taking advantage of all the areas: social media, blog posts, paid media, email csgo平台在线, etc. I’ve learned from my experience that it’s essential to have a presence in all of the platforms where your clients cannot miss an opportunity to connect with someone who might require your services. Additionally, it allows us to interact in an integrated way between our Sales team and other business areas. 

WAM: How has working from a 360° perspective helped your csgo平台在线? 

AO: Implementing this 360º strategy has let us reach our target audience on the platforms they’re on but at the specific point of their decision-making journey. That approach ensures we’re giving them the solution they want precisely when they need it. Not only that, but by focusing on an integrated formula that allows us to connect all of these actions despite them being across different channels, we gain a more comprehensive view of our customers , allowing us to align to their needs more effectively.


WAM: What role does technology play in your csgo平台在线 strategy?

AO: Technology is crucial for Europe Emirates Group. It plays an integral part in everything we do not only in our csgo平台在线 strategy but also across the whole company. In the context of our csgo平台在线 strategy, our use of Marketing Automation and CRM technology grants us complete transparency and tracking of every action we carry out. In turn, that lets us analyze these actions and make informed decisions based on them. We try to automate our processes to make our day-to-day work as efficient as possible, allowing my team to invest that time in what’s important: creating and implementing solutions for our clients.

The alignment of Sales and Marketing teams is particularly crucial for us, made possible through the use of our integrated Pardot and Salesforce CRM systems . When a lead gets assigned to one of our Business Advisors, he or she can immediately see what that lead has previously interacted with on our online campaigns and website. That means that before one of our Business Advisors makes their initial contact over the phone, they already have the information they need to offer the lead to move them along through the process.  


WAM: What do you think is the key to your current business success?

AO: The key to our success today , as it’s always been, is to stay miles ahead, steps ahead of the industry , and lead. We always anticipate what the industry will require, not only in csgo平台在线 but regarding regulations on both a local and global level as the world of corporate services is closely intertwined across all jurisdictions. That means any change that comes up in the client’s residence may impact the client’s place of business and vice versa. So, it’s having a close working knowledge of all jurisdictions that sets us above our competitors.


Then there are some other crucial factors involved. These are:

  • offering a service of real value

  • staying true to our values as a company

  • being a partner that our clients’ can truly put their trust in, and 

  • our ability to effectively communicate all of this to those who perhaps are not yet acquainted with us

Europe Emirates Group web

For me, every interaction that we have with a customer or potential customer (whether it be on one of our blog posts, on a social media post, or here in the office directly interacting with one of my team) is as important as the next. We strive to maintain a bespoke experience for everyone who comes through our door or our online content.


What do you look for in a partner when you’re trying to carry out your csgo平台在线 strategy?

AO: What we expect from our partner towards us is simple. What we look for in such a field of expertise as csgo平台在线 is precisely what we provide to our clients: knowledge, trust, and transparency. As I was looking for a partner, that was the thing that attracted me most to We Are Marketing: we share the same core values, allowing us to have an even more symbiotic partnership. 


In what areas do you want to keep working or deem necessary? 

AO: We must continue to keep our audience updated with relevant content and significant changes within the industry. We want to make sure that they’re aware of all the factors that go into the decision to incorporate a business. That includes recommendations on optimal corporate structures that meet their professional needs, which you will not get from directly working with a Free Zone in the UAE, for example. 

Plus, this sector often sees the introduction of complicated legal challenges that impacts our clients and their business. As a result, they must continue to ensure their compliance . We do not want only our clients to be aware of this. We also want to provide this vital information and share it with people considering international expansion and those that have already pursued global expansion. That way, they can then take the required steps to adhere to new legal norms. 

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