Inbound Marketing for a leading name in higher education

IE Exponential Learning

The Instituto de Empresa, known in English as IE, is a globally-recognized name in higher education. IE Business School was the #3 business school in Europe and #1 in Spain in the Financial Times’s 2017 European Business School Ranking. ieXL (Exponential Learning) is a business unit within IE that formed in 2017 to address continuing learning needs for new professionals that are progressing in their careers in an increasingly globalized world. 

IE Exponential Learning
Employment & education

Automate the lead generation process with brand-new courses


Automate the lead generation process with brand-new courses


Generation of leads for brand-new courses.

During 2018, we generated leads for professional learning programs with diverse targets. Some of these programs were for a particular niche, and others were for those with a more affluent socioeconomic background. The open rate was higher than 65% and the downloads 45% in the Inbound Marketing workflows targeted toward a database with 3,000 new leads generated through Paid Media campaigns


Obtain leads for new courses

We needed to develop an automated lead generation process for a newly-created set of courses within a prestigious academic institution aimed at students with differentiated needs, all while competing with world-renowned business schools’ online programs like Harvard’s HBX programs, Insead, or Cornell’s eCornell programs. We also had to establish a lead nurturing model to generate conversions in a tight timeframe using already-existing content that they had already created. We also had to design the most appropriate communication workflows for every lead at every stage of the funnel within the chosen Marketing Automation tool to steer the lead towards conversion. We also had to set up and manage paid search campaigns (Google AdWords) basing off our Buyer Persona analyses, keyword research, and implement improvements in already-existing campaigns when we saw it fitting. We also had to track the campaigns on a daily basis to optimize their results and look for new social media channels to attract new leads. We also needed to create a reporting and ROI measurement system to analyze campaigns and subsequently decide the budget attribution to all the various channels.


Inbound Marketing and Paid Media to acquire and nurture leads

We developed an aggressive Inbound Marketing strategy using a Marketing Automation tool based on generating leads and rapidly converting them through forms aimed toward enrolling students in courses. We designed communication workflows to incentivize a nearly-immediate decision (emphasizing time limits since the intakes are seasonal) and created medium-term lead nurturing workflows capable of sustainable lead generation over time. We consulted on the website during the first months of operation to optimize program materials and campaign structures (landing pages, banners, assets) to capture the most-qualified leads and segment them for each program. We planned and executed specific lead-acquisition campaigns as well as conducting A/B testing and disseminating events related to their programs. We also proposed new campaigns on different channels to increase the number of qualified leads we could obtain. We offered monthly recommendations for optimizing campaigns and increasing the alignment between Marketing and Sales for better tracking and conversion rates. We also created a campaign dashboard for daily review and optimization.
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