Content Marketing
Dec 13, 2017
Giorgio Ascolese
CEO of We Are Marketing
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Home > Content Marketing > How Making a Podcast Can Help CEOs Improve Their Company’s Results
Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and as a business, you have to keep changing with it, or you will find yourself falling out of relevance with today’s modern markets. An opening for CEOs to grow their business and build business cohesion is to use podcasts.

While content csgo平台在线 has grown in popularity over the last few years , more prominent businesses have taken a while to integrate  podcasts into their overall content csgo平台在线 strategies. This insight is a surprising one, especially since podcasts have many positive business benefits.

Podcasts are a valuable asset if you are looking to improve your organization’s performance. The format is especially advantageous for CEOs because they can  effectively use podcasts  to encourage the growth of their business.

How, you might ask? On the one hand, CEOs may find it hard to communicate with their employees, especially in larger organizations. On the other hand, employees may often feel intimidated at the thought of talking with the CEO. As a consequence of this barrier between CEOs and their workforces, little communication between them happens.  As a result, the communication breakdown between CEOs and their employees can impede business growth as it hampers the company's ability to move in the same direction at all levels.

Now that we know that making a podcast can help CEOs break these barriers, what else can it do to benefit your firm’s overall performance? Here’s how: 


Aids in communicating business strategy and company values

Having everyone in the company on the same page is the most fundamental aspect when you are striving to improve overall performance. A podcast can help you communicate those business strategies and the way you intend for the company to grow to all your employees.  

Not only is it fundamental for transmitting strategic objectives, but another integral part of ensuring that every employee is working towards the same goal is also to make them aware of your organization’s values. By using the podcast to keep cementing your firm’s values to employees to deliver on those values in client-facing interactions subsequently, your employees will maintain high standards and impress your customers , making them more likely to want to work with you again in the future.

Facilitates transparency and company culture

In large organizations, the lack of vertical communication becomes a significant stumbling block that leads to a decrease in company cohesion. CEOs can  use podcasts  to communicate with the rest of the company . That transparency makes employees more likely to trust their CEO.

Not only that, an organization’s corporate culture is an integral part of  brand identity  and employee happiness. The CEO can use podcasts to engage and encourage company culture in the workplace , which will result in better cohesion between employees.

Helps company positioning and builds trust externally

Podcasts don’t have to be exclusively for in-house use. Along with using them to form a strong relationship with your employees, you can apply the same approach to building bonds with your clients. As podcasts give a more personal touch to your overall content strategy , people are bound to feel more connected to you and your company.

They can also help in cementing your CEO, and your firm’s status as  thought leaders in the industry . Having demonstrated examples of thought leadership, in turn, will have a positive impact on business results. Listeners are likely to purchase from your company and refer your company to their networks.

While innovation and technology can significantly improve business processes, it’s also true that they can be impersonal and a create a communication barrier. For CEOs, making a podcast is a useful and personal way to connect with their employees, gain their clients’ trust, and, grow their business.

Podcasts are just one of the many forms of content csgo平台在线, and your business would benefit from diversifying its content csgo平台在线 strategy into multiple formats. At  We Are Marketing , we build high-performance csgo平台在线 strategies designed to improve performance and grow clients’ business. To see just how we can help your overall csgo平台在线 strategy, get in touch with us .

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