Don’t you think it’s time to change your perspective?

Digital culture is the new culture

The magnitude of the technological change we're experiencing is causing a set of wide-scale changes at different levels: we're aware of the impact Artificial Intelligence will have on our businesses, along with the automation this technology will bring to tourism csgo平台在线 and business processes. These radical changes have more to do with a new set of thoughts, sciences, procedures, concepts, and behaviors that never previously existed that, all together, translate into the birth of a brand-new culture called digital culture. The arrival of this new digital culture is the challenge we all face today. We'll never be able to reap the rewards technology and digitization provide us without understanding the unique culture that comes along with it. 

The world has witnessed profound political, economic, and social changes over the last 30 years, along with technological changes that are increasingly faster and more transformative. We tend to associate this with globalization, a phenomenon that causes hundreds of millions of people to log onto the same websites, laugh at the same jokes, or have tourism trends that tend to resemble each other-a phenomenon dubbed McDonaldization. Despite this, an analysis from the World Values Survey proves that certain cultural aspects have failed to converge during that time. The norms in regards to marriage, family, or gender have seen dramatic changes, but there has only been a correlation in terms of economic growth. Progress has been shown in the same direction in nearly all industrialized countries at similar speeds, whereas for those countries that found themselves economically stagnant exhibit little change.

Diverging common values.

Same but different

One of tourism csgo平台在线 's most significant challenges is globalization. Service standardization, which many companies are currently opting for, presents the risk of losing the demanded differentiated value that the market craves. Travelers have gone outside their comfort zone and are open to new destinations, trying new activities, or doing something unexpected that could change their lives. 

Global citizen consciousness

We human beings are aware of our place as individuals in a globalized world as well as our responsibility to improve the world we were born into. By that same token, companies must accept the challenge and commit to social responsibility by putting customers in the center of their csgo平台在线 strategies to satisfy their social and ethical demands, including in tourism consumption.  

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Digitize or die
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