Will your brand still be around by then?

Innovation is and will be the primary driver

According to The Harvard Business Review, "innovation is the main ingredient for business success." The tourism companies and organizations that inject it into their DNA will be those who lead the lists of attractive destinations, the places with strong personality, competitiveness, and the ones that are always evolving. It's also the right time to reinforce corporations' international expansion efforts, their Digital Transformation initiatives, as well as their competitiveness in regards to automating and making their processes more technical, integrating csgo平台在线 and technology , and of course, searching for excellence.

A look at the year 2045

Have you asked yourself what the world will be like in 2045? While it's true we won't know for sure; we can say innovation and technology will make their mark. All efforts will focus on developing AI , the robot revolution, connectivity , nanotechnology, artificial biology, organ printing, language, and thousands of other disciplines that are accelerating. It will all come together to form a technological supernova we never thought possible. They say this will be the year we'll enter the posthuman age. 

The world’s population will reach 9.73 billion people

We’ll live longer and be able to have an avatar

There will be 9.73 billion people in 2045 and a life expectancy of 142 years. How? Nanotechnology, 3D organ printing, improved food sources, to name a few, will make diseases of the 20th century a thing of the past. We'll also be able to transfer a human being's personality to a non-biological carrier to extend life up to the point of immortality, or in other words, make our avatar. 

Artificial Intelligence will equal human intelligence

Humans will be much more intelligent in just 26 years by combining their knowledge with that of machines. Technological advances have given computers great processing abilities so that they can learn from scratch and in exponential sequences. That's how 2045 will be the year where AI reaches the same level of intelligence as human intelligence.

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