Increase direct web bookings by acquiring qualified leads

Europe Emirates Group Dubai

Europe Emirates Group offers company formation services for those firms looking to expand in or out of the United Arab Emirates. 

Its headquarters in Dubai and associated offices in its primary jurisdictions offer corporate and professional services in more than 60 tax-free and low-tax jurisdictions such as the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Turkey, Gibraltar, the British Virgin Islands, and Seychelles. 

Europe Emirates Group Dubai
Corporate Services

Increase direct web billings

Acquire quality leads


Increase direct web billings

Acquire quality leads


Generate quality leads

In six months from the project’s inception, we achieved an increase in organic sessions on the website by more than 50% compared to the prior period, 335% higher than the same period in the prior year. We also acquire more than 1,700 quality leads, allowing us to achieve our initial goal.


Social media served as a critical channel to garner these numbers, with all accounts seeing an increase in organic followers by more than 5,000 in three months, with a 36% increase in impressions on LinkedIn in the same period.

I can very comfortably say that although they are an outsourced service, they form an integral part of Europe Emirates Group, and they are our in-house csgo平台在线 department.


Increase web conversions

Europe Emirates Group was receiving a large number of low-quality prospects that were failing to convert into sales opportunities. The primary challenge was to increase its direct web billings through acquiring qualified leads. A 360° digital csgo平台在线 strategy was critical for fostering the entry of leads through different channels. The process included creating highly compelling, useful content for the target audience as well as creating a fully satisfactory user experience. Perfectly defining the Buyer Personas, attracting interested traffic to the website, and setting up a lead nurturing and scoring system tailored to Europe Emirates Group’s needs would guarantee this project’s success.


Activate a 360° digital strategy

We developed a 360° csgo平台在线 strategy based on acquiring qualified leads. We boosted web traffic through organic and paid campaigns. Other crucial keys to achieving our goals were the content csgo平台在线 strategy, web design and development, and social media. The implementation of a CRM allowed the firm to strengthen its flow of communication with prospects, increasing and improving the sales opportunities. One of the pillars to this was correctly understanding the sales process and the client team, ensuring we adapted our approach to their needs.
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