Feb 08, 2018
Pau Klein
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The sponsorship of events positioned in a specific sector can provide you many advantages, from boosting your branding and brand reputation to opening new market niches, being a reference in the field and helping you increase sales.

Although figures on sponsorships of events at a general level are not known, the boom of this branding formula is proven. For example, sports sponsorship has gone from $ 46.3 trillion in 2010 to $ 63 trillion in 2017 worldwide, according to data from EAE Business School . Compared to other forms of communication, sponsorship has grown the most in the last year (4.5%) compared to advertising (4.4%), and direct csgo平台在线 and public relations (3%).

The problem with this type of event is that they tend to be massive, and brands link their brand to acts that serve very diverse segments of the public.

To grow your business by linking your brand to an event, you must differentiate yourself from traditional sponsorship formulas and position your brand in events that provide differential value,  and are specialised in a specific sector.

Source: AEVEA

In Spain, there are hardly any specialised events in a sector that are not carried out through the methodology known as “fairs”, where several companies come to show their products and services.

A good reference of a specialised event is the World Business Forum (WOBI). WOBI is where the best business leaders meet, and has been held since 2004 in different cities around the world. This annual event approaches different themes on leadership in several sectors.

Spain also hosts an event that, in addition to bringing together the best professionals in the world, is focused on digital csgo平台在线. We are talking about The Inbounder Global Conference . This event celebrated its launch in 2016 at the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia with the assistance of more than 1,000 professionals from the sector, who traveled from 25 countries all around the world. This year, The Inbounder Global Conference returns and will be hosted at the Palacio de Congresos de Madrid, on 25 and 26 April.

The Inbounder opens a new stage in Spain as far as sponsorships are concerned. This event offers a new formula for companies that want to link their brand to an event specialised in digital csgo平台在线 and also has a global position.

Unlike the big multisector fairs, the advantage of this event is that it is aimed at a very specific target: digital csgo平台在线 professionals, but also that they cover a wide variety of companies (from large organizations to SMEs to independent professionals).

In addition, they present Spain as an attractive option to an international niche that, until now, has focused on specialised events in other countries. Another important factor is that these events offer a masterclass to the attendees and are sharers of knowledge when it comes to trends and the most advanced techniques in the sector.

This event brings together the best experts and influencers in digital csgo平台在线, including SEO, social media, analytics, CRO, content csgo平台在线, and many more . This event offers the expertise of more than 2,000 professionals in the sector. Without a doubt, it’s a good time to reinforce your positioning by linking your brand to a prestigious event in the digital csgo平台在线 sector, and a good opportunity to reach your target audience in a way you prefer.

csgo下注_csgo入口登录平台 csgo下注_csgo入口登录平台
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