Sales Enablement
Mar 15, 2018
Daryn Smith
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What is it that your top sales people have that the others don’t have? Is it a bigger network of contacts? Are they more persuasive or more confident? With all the advances in technology, wouldn’t it be great to clone your top sales people so that your organization would be capable of operating at 110%?

You may not be able to clone people but you are able to ‘clone’ what they do. At We Are Marketing, our sales professionals ensure that they improve their expertise every day, implementing the right tools to successfully carry out their work. Here are some tips from our experts that you can use to clone and adapt your sales strategy.

Take care of your brand

Taking care of your brand is vital and there are a number of ways to ensure it’s done. Firstly, it’s important to have a great corporate presentation that brings together the strengths of your company, and if one doesn’t exist, you need to create it. It’s also essential to maintain contact with your potential customers. For example, send a personalized newsletter to your leads every week. Creating and maintaining a newsletter is a good opportunity to communicate with subscribers and potential customers, even if they are just people who are interested in our company or our products who have provided us with their email address.

You should also create personalized newsletters for your potential clients, with attractive titles and content that interests them. These newsletters should also include elements that capture their attention, such as GIFs. According to a study by MarketingSherpa , GIFs increase click-through rates by 42%, conversion rates by 103% and revenues by 109%. Above all, GIFS should include CTAs (calls to action) since a good CTA will get 27% more clicks than text links.


Automate processes

How many times have you thought that there are sales professionals in your company that seem to get three times more work done than others? When we started to investigate, we discovered that this increase in productivity was due to these people creating email templates, document templates, chat replies, and a number of other tools. These processes take a long time, and the top performing professionals have taken steps to improve their efficiency.

Process automation has become a fundamental tool for csgo平台在线 and sales professionals, according to the State of Inbound 2017 report.


Source: Labelgrup


Know your customers as yourself

For your leads to trust you and become customers, you must become a true expert in your company and its industry. You have to know what the needs of your customers are, how to explain what they need, and identify the benefits you can bring them.

An example of a successful case is Neovantas , a consultancy that helped a customer in the insurance sector increase their sales through process automation. The company has competitive products and services and offers both direct telephone service and web-based service. The problem was that there were processes that their clients didn’t understand.

To solve this, Neovantas helped to implement a system called “Voice of the Customer”. This system uses active listening actions (Speech Analytics), which transcribe and analyze monthly more than 130,000 calls received in the contact center. This allowed the company to detect which processes its customers did not understand, reduce the call duration by 8%, and increase the efficiency of the sales campaigns by 12%. In addition, after personalized coaching to contact center employees, the company increased its net sales ratio by 23%.

When we work on sales enablement strategies for our clients,we start with a deep audit of what exists already, not only from a company level, but from an individual level. Our job, together with the csgo平台在线 team, is to replicate this strategy, improve upon it, keep it updated and scale it.

Once we know what is necessary to help sales succeed, we analyze how technology can help in these processes. For example, we can create a subscription form to try to win leads in the weekly newsletter, use chatbots to interact with leads until they are ready to make a purchase or implement a CRM to manage the stages of the sales process. In this way, we help our clients to implement their sales.

You’ve learnt how to ‘clone’ the best techniques to increase your sales, now you just have to put them into practice. If you have doubts or are unsure about how to do it, contact us at We Are Marketing and we will assist.

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