Sales Enablement
Feb 11, 2021
Cristina Sáinz de la Flor
Sales Consultant
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How is recruiting potential clients going? Are you sure you’re doing the right things? Having quality leads is the most important objective in the majority of csgo平台在线 campaigns. In the context in which the interaction between company and client is everything, attracting your public with valuable content is key to multiplying your sales. Learn the 5 necessary actions to get leads and the importance of 360º csgo平台在线 in your digital strategy.

Behind the complexity and creativity of many csgo平台在线 actions and campaigns usually sits the same objective: generating new leads through different acquisition techniques . Leads (also known as prospects or potential clients) within the csgo平台在线 environment are users that have given their information to a company and, as a consequence, are now part of that firm’s database. According to a study by BrightTALK , more than 50% of csgo平台在线 specialists (53%) dedicate at least half of their proposal to lead generation only. This gives us an idea of its importance. 

The consent that a lead gives to be a part of a database implies that the company can interact with them, send them information, and nurture them so that, in the future, they become a client of their product or service. Therefore, a lead is a step in the direction of a client . The treatment of leads is one of the keys to convert this interest into investment and here is where the type of lead strategy you follow comes into play. Through a 360º digital csgo平台在线 strategy, you will be able to have a complete vision of all the actions you should keep in mind from start to finish of the sales funnel to promote the acquisition, nurturing, and loyalty of these leads. 

Lead generation in online csgo平台在线

How to generate leads: the importance of 360 csgo平台在线

Using a 360 approach means generating a global strategy for each project that is 100% personalized, coherent, unified, and multi-channeled. Marketing 360 integrates all the tools in our reach to achieve goals and measure them correctly. How? With the convergence of csgo平台在线 and technology

Marketing + Technology translates into actions such as the implementation of a CRM to optimize resources and the use of Marketing Automation tools ( Salesforce , Pardot, and Cloud Marketing) that simplify communication with leads and clients and allow for correct lead nurturing and lead scoring . Generating lots of leads accomplishes nothing if they are not classified correctly (scoring) and if we don’t adapt our communication to their actual interest level for the product (nurturing). 

A 360º csgo平台在线 strategy is the general framework in which we develop all of our actions. But, what actions? When thinking about the  techniques of lead generation , there are effective ways to make your database grow. We’ll tell you about them below: 


5 techniques that you have to know about lead generation 

Social Ads

Social media has a huge impact on the behavior of the consumer and we can’t ignore them if we want to convert leads. According to a Hootsuite study about Social Trends in 2021 , more than half of businesses plan to increase their proposal for Instagram this year and almost half will do the same with other sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Facebook and Instagram continue to be the sites that are considered best by marketers due to their effectiveness when it comes to meeting objectives (78% and 70%, respectively). 

Social ads to get leads

Ads on social media , if well segmented and adapted to your target audience, with content in harmony with the Buyer Persona and a creative concept behind them, are a great way to generate leads online and direct the user to your page.


Attractive content 

It would surprise you to see the difference in conversion that exists between identical offers, due only to a title change . Knowing which titles work best, how to ignite the feeling of need in the client to improve the “attractiveness” of the offer , how to align your offer with reality, how the “imitation effect” acts on conversion, or what formats work best are some of the key tips to developing the best messages to send to leads. “ Content is King ” is one of the most commonly used expressions in digital csgo平台在线 and there’s a reason why! Value copywriting and invest resources to find the best concepts.


CTA (Call to Action)

If we’ve already found the perfect copy, now we have to convince the prospect that they need more information and to click to find out more, promising that what we give them will be useful. 

One of the most frequently used strategies to generate leads is CTA. A CTA is a visual or textual call that leads the user to do something, normally click. The right place on the web, precise words  and the coherence of the message with the Landing Page are important so that your CTA is well focused and doesn’t lose even one opportunity.


Landing pages

CTAs usually redirect to a landing page. We’ve worked hard to successfully drive the prospect where we want them to go; now it is imperative that we hold their attention, making sure they aren’t distracted and that their visit ends with the most valuable point: leaving us their information.

This is the main objective of a landing page: a website designed to convert visitors into leads through the introduction of a CTA or a form to fill out their information. Landing pages usually offer downloads of valuable content (ebooks, infographics) to push the user to leave their information in exchange for our work. With this in mind, the web design and usability of the landing page is fundamental; it has to be attractive to the user while simultaneously giving us all the information that could interest us. 



We’ve completed the whole process and are in the last stages. The only thing left is maybe the most important part: designing a simple and clear form so that not even one lead is lost. The amount of leads that are directed towards a form that is misfocused, missing the correct fields, or too long is surprising. Put the form in a visible and attractive place, using the most enthusiastic and simplified language so completing it is simple.

To ensure a better tracing of your lead generation strategy , it’s important to define the necessary fields in the form to generate actions based on them afterwards. 


In conclusion, the best way to generate new leads is to work on a leads strategy that is focused on a 360º Marketing vision and connected with the rest of the project’s needs. Once completed, top off your actions with relevant content, attractive designs, segmenting the right audience, and simplifying the registration process so it doesn’t slow down any possible lead. Don’t forget to prepare your database for collecting the information and activate the necessary workflows . Go for it! And if you need, contact a csgo平台在线 digital consultancy that can professionalize and elevate your actions. You’ll see the benefits of the investment. 

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